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Best Presentations was selected by participants:

Main Track: #182 Web-Based Handwriting Education with Animated Virtual Teacher

Poster Session: #79 Developments of communication support system for hearing impaired learners in collaborative works

Industrial Track: #69 PKUSpace: A Collaborative Platform for Scientific Researching

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August 8-11, 2004
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Important Dates
8-11 August, 2004, Conference Dates
10 April, 2004, Deadline for paper submissions (closed)
1 May, 2004, Notification for Acceptance
15 May, 2004, Deadline for Camera-Ready Papers (closed)
1 July 2004, Deadline for (Early) Registration

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Organized by: Tsinghua University, The Hong Kong Web Society
Sponsored by: City University of Hong Kong, IEEE-CS Beijing, China eLearning Technology Standards Committee

Conference Theme
It is recognized that the traditional classroom approach to learning cannot cope with all the needs of the individual students and the increasing demand for life-long learning. The popularity of the World Wide Web and its development has enabled the creation and implementation of Web-based learning. This is of particular importance to shift from a teacher-centered learning environment to student-centered. The evolving new generation of education environment leads to a revolution in traditional teaching methods.

With the rapid development of Web-based learning and new concepts like virtual classrooms, virtual laboratories and virtual universities, many issues need to be addressed. On the technical side, there is a need for the effective technology for deployment of Web-based education. On the learning side, the cyber mode of learning is very different from the classroom-based learning. How can instructional development cope with this new style of learning? On the management side, the establishment of the cyber university imposes very different requirements for the set up. Does industry-university partnership provide a solution to addressing the technological and management issues? Why do we need to standardize e-leaning and what can we do by now? As with many other new developments, more research is needed to establish the concepts and best practice for Web-based learning.

The rapidly growing demand for e-learning is forcing educational institutions to expand in remote learning through the Web in terms of technological and pedagogical development. The successful application of e-learning provides enhancements in workforce performance, helps to lower cost, and encourages innovation. This conference aims at providing an in-depth study of the technical, pedagogical, as well as management issues of Web-based learning.

Tsinghua University and The Hong Kong Web Society are organizing this conference in conjunction Peking University, City University of Hong Kong, IEEE-CS Beijing and China Ministry of Education to provide the 3rd International Conference on Web-based Learning to bring together educators, researchers, technologists and implementers of Web-based learning from around the world to discuss the state of the art in this area.


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