Accepted Papers

Papers accepted as REGULAR papers

Paper IDPaper Title
6 Student centered knowledge level analysis intelligent web pages eLearning for SQL
11Web-based Chinese Calligraphy Retrieval and learning System
12Managing Student Expectations Online
13Designing a Learning Objects Repository - The Views of Higher Education Faculty
15A core model supporting location-aware computing in Smart Classroom
17Cybergogy for Engaged Learning: A framework for creating student engagement in Online Learning
22An Innovative E-Learning Resource Recommendation System based on Learner Communities Organization
27Semantic caching for Web based learning systems
28Automated Lab Information Administrative System, An Innovative Tool in Web Based Learning
30A Novel Mobile Learning Assistant System
34An Online Template-Based Authoring System for E-learning
35Student Adoption towards Web-based Learning Platform
40The Impact of E-Learning on the Use of Campus Instructional Space
43MECCA-learn: An open and collaborative course management system for media-rich curricula in the film studies
44An Approach to Acquire Semantic Relationships between Words from Web Document
49A web-based environment to improve teaching and learning of computer programming in distance education
50The Design and Implementation of Digital Signal Processing Virtual Lab Based on Components
55A Web-Based Classroom Environment for Enhanced Residential College Education
63Adaptive Internet Interactive Team Video
65The Research of Mining Association Rules between Personality and Behavior of Learner under Web-Based Learning Environment
71The Gong System: Web-based Learning for Multiple Languages, with Special Support for the Yale Representation of Cantonese
73A Prototype of the Web-based Marine Training Environment
75Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment Using Synthetic Characters
77Building Learning Management Systems Using IMS Standards: Architecture of a Manifest Driven Approach
80A Design for Generating Personalised Feedback in Knowledge Construction
82Devising a typology of LOs based on pedagogical assumptions
83P2P Video Synchronization in a Collaborative Virtual Environment
88Virtual Experiment Services
89Grounding Collaborative Knowledge Building in Semantics-Based Critiquing
92Refining the Results of Automatic e-Textbook Construction by Clustering
93Real-Time Adaptive Human Motions for Web-Based Training
94Using Web Based Answer Hunting System to Promote Collaborative Learning

Papers accepted as SHORT papers

Paper IDPaper Title
23A Novel Multi-Agent E-Learner Community Building Scheme Based on Collaboration Filtering
36Design and Implementation of a J2EE-based Platform for Network Teaching
59An Educational Virtual Environment for Studying Physics Concept in High Schools
60Constructing a SCORM-Compliant Intelligent Strategy Repository
64ANTS: Agent-based Navigational Training System
68Experiences in using an automated system for improving students' learning of computer programming
76Effortless Construction and Management of Program Animations on the Web
78Content Representation for Mobile Learning
87Automatic Leveling System for E-learning Examination Pool Using Entropy-based Decision Tree

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