Workshop on Blended Learning


This workshop provides an open forum for two kinds of professionals: Computer and Educator, to share their ideas and experiences on supplementing eLearning with classroom learning. The aim is to help students in the learning process effectively. In the reality of today's education, students can learn anywhere and at any time through Internet. Very often, students can learn new advanced computer technologies through self learning on the Internet, and universities can only provide basic knowledge in the classroom. As a result, there is a need to combine both learning methods to speed up the students' learning ability.

This workshop will produce a proceeding of theoretical and empirical papers on eLearning as a supplementary learning to classroom learning. The era of eLearning enables students learning any time and anywhere through Internet. It can reduce teachers' administration work to a minimum by computerizing clerical work. It can also personalize each student's need by adaptive learning. However, traditional classroom learning is needed for face-to-face lecturing and tutoring. Above all, the experimental work must be supervised and monitored for its progress. As a result, it is important to combine the benefits of both eLearning and classroom learning into an enhanced teaching method, namely blended learning. Lecturers can then motivate students to learn both in breadth by getting important referenced course materials and practice online, and also in depth by detailed discussion with the lecturers in the face-to-face classroom. The issue is how to create a curriculum which can fit students' personal needs. Education theory, peer-to-peer learning, and web-based technologies should be applied together in defining techniques and guidelines for the creation of the eLearning contents and blended curricula.

More details of this workshop can be found from this website.

Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit original papers to this workshop. Papers for submissions should be formatted in single column, 1.0 spacing of no more than 10 pages for review. All papers should be submitted in PDF format. Submission details will be announced here shortly. Selected papers from the workshop will also be included in the LNCS Main Conference Proceedings.


Full Paper Submission Deadline: March 23, 2007 (extended)

Further Information

Please contact the workshop co-chairs directly for further information:

Hong Kong Web Society
City University
of Hong Kong
University of Durham
University of Edinburgh

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