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Industry Tour to Pudong Hi-tech Area of Shanghai

USD 20/pax



One-day tour within Shanghai City: The Bund, Yu Yuan, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shopping on Nanjing road, Peoples Square, Nanpu Suspense Bridge, Shanghai Nature Museum)

USD 50/pax




USD 100/pax




USD 130/pax




USD 100/pax


Shanghai ...[detail]

Shanghai, located at the mouth of the mighty Yangtze, is the shiniest gem in modern China's jewel box. Known throughout the world as the "Paris of the Orient", the international city is a thriving metropolis delightfully mixing the West and East, old and new, ancient and modern. Once an outpost for foreign adventurers and businessmen, Shanghai's Bund is famous for the magnificent early 19th century buildings. And you can stroll from the Bund to the bustling Nanjing Road to enjoy the craze for shopping. The pretty Yuyuan Garden and the Jade Buddha temple offer you a glimpse into local history and architecture. And you'll find a more charming Shanghai while gazing at history at the Shanghai Museum or hanging out in Xintiandi and the Cool Docks for the bubbling night life. Try the speedy Maglev Train and you will be impressed by the amazingly fast speed of the train, namely 430 km per hour. Two or three days are enough to experience Shanghai and you can enjoy the extension tours including the nearby water towns. See our recommended Shanghai tours and check out more interesting attractions for Shanghai in our Tour in Depth to plan your own unique tour.

Hangzhou ...[detail]

When Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century he declared that "it is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world". And Hangzhou remains this charm till today. Contrasting to the hustle and bustle of the neighbouring Shanghai, Hangzhou is well-known for its extraordinary beauty and elegance. And it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to its exquisite West Lake(Xi Hu) area each year to enjoy the placid lake, beautiful gardens, reflecting pools, lavish temples and friendly lakeside teahouses. Along with Hangzhou's famous Dragon Well Tea, tasty local cuisine, good shopping environment and modern facilities all make a trip to the city worthwhile. 3 days are quite enough to get a fast shot of Hangzhou and you can enjoy the extension tours including the Wuzhen Water Town. See our recommended Shanghai tours and check out more interesting attractions for Shanghai in our Tour in Depth to plan your own unique tour.

Suzhou ...[detail]

Suzhou is a beautiful city. It is a place of gardens and canals. Several classic gardens, including the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Lingering Garden, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are great for sight-seeing. Suzhou is very much a water town - it's thoroughly criss-crossed with canals and bridges - and you can still see traces of a very old lifestyle centered around the canals. Suzhou, the historic silk capital of China, also offers an excellent chance to see it for yourself how the world famous Chinese silk is produced. Two or three days are enough to experience Suzhou. Spare one more day and you can enjoy the extension tours including the nearby water towns,such as Zhouzhuang Water Town and Luzhi Water Town to experience the charm the criss-crossing canal and residence and bridges of hundreds of years old.

Zhouzhuang ...[detail]

As the saying goes : Huangshan Mountain represents the beauty of grand mountains in China, while Zhouzhuang features the mellow waterside towns. Feminine beauty was built in its very blood and soul. No wonder it was chosen one of the sites for APEC meeting site.The town complex lies in Kunshan, 38 km southeast of Suzhou city in Jiangsu Province. It has a history of over 900 years. It's also called Oriental Venice and surrounded by water. People plant willows on the edge of their narrow yards, to be more accurate, corridors. Little bridges, murmuring brooks and rural cottages, all of these come into a picture of quietness and simplicity. Bridges, with name or without name, all have their distinct views. Zhouzhuang is famous for its tea culture. Grandma's Tea, Spring Tea and Month Ceremony Tea (probably means to celebrate a new-birth baby successfully spent his/her first month in this world). There are too many customs about tea to list.

Wuxi ...[detail]

Wuxi, also named "Liangxi", is a famous city with a long history in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Three thousand years ago, Taibo, the eldest son of the Emperor Zhouwu in the West Zhou Dynasty came here, set up the State of Gouwu and created the Wu culture. Wuxi,a sparkling pearl of the Taihu Lake , is situated in the southern part of Jiangsu Province and in the middle of the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway. It is 128km away from Shanghai with Suzhou in between and 183km away from Nanjing with Changzhou in between. With the Taihu lake in the south and the south and the Yangtze River in the north, it borders Zhejiang Province and has bank of 35km along the Yangtze.