Last Updated in Dec 3, 2010

ICWL2010 Workshops

All workshop papers of ICWL 2010 will be published as a separate volume in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), which will be indexed by EI. In order to give the authors an opportunity to revise their papers in the light of the feedback they might receive during the discussions of their papers upon presentation of their works, all accepted workshop papers will be published as a second post-proceeding volume after the meeting.

Workshop 1 :

Third Workshop on Story-Telling and Educational Games (STEG'10)

Stories and story-telling are cultural achievements of significant relevance even in modern times. Nowadays, story-telling is being enhanced with the convergence of sociology, pedagogy, and technology. Recently, computer gaming is also deployed for educational purposes and has proved to be an effective approach to mental stimulation and intelligence development. Many conceptual similarities and some procedural correlation exist between story-telling and educational gaming. Therefore these two areas can be clubbed for research on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). Many facets of story-telling and educational gaming emulate real life processes, which can be represented either as complex story graphs or as interleaved sub-problems.

While the integration of learning and gaming provides a great opportunity, several motivational challenges must also be addressed to ensure successful realization. Non-linear digital stories are an ideal starting point for the creation of educational games, since each story addresses a certain problem, so that the story recipient can benefit from other users’ experiences. This leads to the development of more realistic stories providing the kernel for non-trivial educational videogames. These stories cover the instructional part of an educational game, while the game adds the motivation and engagement part.  

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers, experts and practitioners from the domains of non-linear digital interactive story-telling and educational gaming to share ideas and knowledge. There is a great amount of separate research in these two fields and the celebration of this workshop will allow the participants to discover and leverage potential synergies.                             [visit website for more details...]

Workshop 2 :

2010 International Workshop on Cognitive-based Interactive Computing and Web Wisdom (CICW'10)

Recent years, many new theories and technologies for Web Wisdom have made the Web much wiser. Among these technologies, Cognitive-based Interactive Computing is one of the newest directions of Web Wisdom and should be paid more attention to. Interaction is more effective than algorithm in dealing with the mass Web resources and providing better services, for Interactive Computing (IC) promotes the understanding and knowledge fusion between human and Web during the interactive process of human and web. Cognitive Informatics (CI) is an emerging discipline that studies the natural intelligence and internal information processing mechanisms of the brain, as well as the processes involved in perception and cognition. So Cognitive-based Interactive Computing takes advantage of Interactive theory and Cognitive theory and promotes WI to a great extent.

The objective of the workshop is to invite authors to submit original manuscripts that demonstrate and explore current advances in all aspects of Web Intelligence (especially the aspect of Cognitive-based Interactive Computing).  [ more details...]

Workshop 3 :

2010 International Workshop on WebGIS and Location Based Web Service (WGLBWS'10)

With the development of Internet and mobile communication, WebGIS and Location Based Service(LBS) have become a vibrant and rapidly evolving application area. Location-based services are often used via Web browsers and are in this case considered as a particular type of Web services. WebGIS can also be constructed via Web services. These represent a novel challenge for WebGIS and LBS. This workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and developers from different background areas such as service computing, cloud computing and GIS area to exchange the latest experience, research ideas and synergic research and development on fundamental issues and applications about WebGIS and LBS in service and cloud computing environments. The workshop solicits high quality research results in all related areas.

The objective of the workshop is to invite authors to submit original manuscripts that demonstrate and explore current advances in all aspects of WebGIS and LBS in service and cloud computing environments.                                        [ more details...]

Workshop 4 :

2010 International Workshop on Knowledge and Data Engineering in Web-based Learning (IWKDEWL'10)

As computer systems become increasingly large and complex, we are seeing more sophisticated techniques being developed to support e-learning especially in the area of knowledge and data engineering. The rapid development of Web-based learning and new concepts such as virtual classrooms, virtual laboratories and virtual universities introduces many new challenging issues to be addressed. This conference aims at providing an in-depth study of the technical, pedagogical, as well as management issues of Web-based learning. On the technical side, we need to develop effective e-technologies for supporting distance education. On the learning and management side, we need to consider issues such as new styles of learning and different system set-up requirements. Finally, the issue of standardization of e-learning systems should also be considered..

IWKDEWL'10 aims at bringing together researchers, educators, technologists and implementers of Web-based learning from around the world to discuss the state of the art in this area.                                                                            [ more details...]