Instructions to Final Submission


The final camera-ready paper must be revised according to the review comments, edited according to the Springer LNCS format and submitted together with the Springer copyright form by ***August 22nd*** to the ICWL 2011 Online Service. Note that this is a hard deadline and cannot be extended. The instructions for the preparation and submission of manuscripts, and the Springer copyright form are available at the ICWL 2011 Online Service:

Please comply with the following steps carefully in preparation for your camera-ready paper:

Step 1) Format your paper according to LNCS template

Please download the related format from:

You should prepare your manuscript (with author information) according to the Springer's LNCS template (MS Word or LaTex).

a) If you are using MS Word, then you should use the template
file in for preparing the manuscript

b) If you are using Latex, then you should use the template
file(s) in for preparing the manuscript

The length of full paper is limited to ten (10) pages. Up to two (2) extra pages are acceptable for full papers, but will be charged at HK$780 per page. It is very important that the author uses the LNCS template (MS Word, LaTex) and follows exactly the format specified in the instructions. (The length of short paper is limited to six pages. Up to one extra page is acceptable for short papers by the same rate.)

For example,

  • the authors' names should be written out in full whenever possible
  • all authors' email addresses should be included
  • each figure or table must have an associated caption and it should be referred in the corresponding text
  • each figure or table should not break across page so it should be on the same page as its caption
  • the caption of a figure is underneath and the caption of a table is on top.
  • the author should not squash his or her paper by removing vertical spaces or changing font sizes etc...

Step 2) Generate the corresponding PDF file of your manuscript

Step 3) Please log into the ICWL 2011 Online Service and click "submit final version". There you can download the copyright form and please complete the copyright form.

You may either
a) print it and scan the completed form to obtain the electronic format (in PDF), or

b) complete and attach the digital signature directly to the original copyright form (copyrightlncs.pdf) file. The completed
copyright form in electronic format (in PDF) should be renamed to be ICWLXXXXcr.pdf where ICWLXXXX is your
paper ID as listed in the ICWL 2011 Online Service.

Please find the related conference proceedings information (for the field "title of the conference" and "volume editors") here. You can use this template for your copyright form preparation as well.

Step 4) Open up a folder using the paper ID of your paper stated above, i.e., ICWLXXXX

Step 5) Place the following 3 items

a) the paper source files (from Step 1). Note that you should
include all the source files, e.g., if you are using Latex,
then you should include LaTeX2e files for the text and
PS/EPS or PDF/JPG files for all figures, as well as the
Final DVI file.
b) the PDF file (from Step 2)
c) the copyright form file (from Step 3)

in the folder ICWLXXXX (created from Step 4).

Step 6) zip up the folder from Step 5 and call it

Step 7) Please log into the ICWL 2011 Online Service and click "submit final version". Please update all fields including Title, Author, CoAuthors, Keywords, Number of pages, and Abstract. Upload the PDF file (created from Step 2). Upload the zip file (created from Step 6). And click the checkbox of "I have faxed the filled copyright form".

It is required that each accepted paper has at least one unique full registration (i.e., at non-student rate) before ***August 22nd*** in order for your paper to appear in the conference proceedings. Please indicate your paper ID on the registration form.